How Interactive Elearning Is Improving Employee Onboarding & Training

How Interactive Elearning Is Improving Employee Onboarding & Training

As your organization evolves, it needs to fulfill the employee learning needs, because, in the modern aspect of corporate education, eLearning isn’t just considerately leading us to a better future in terms of employee training and education. It’s cost-effective, determined to boost employee performance, and magnifies the accessibility of information essential to professional benefit.
According to NASDAQ, “The Global E-Learning Market is poised to grow at a CAGR of around 7.2% over the next decade to reach approximately $325 billion by 2025.”
There are many shortfalls of traditional employee training for e.g. one-on-one learning which clearly is a logistical impossibility and can pose a series of professional challenges, for training the personnel efficiently, companies have to take such challenges into consideration.
Learners want to ensure that the process is aligned with their roles and the goals of the organization. A successful onboarding process combines orientation, training, and mentorship which makes the employees start off on the right foot and getting productive faster. The value of investing in good people practices refine the onboarding metrics of enterprises.

Online onboarding training increases employee engagement and improves the online training ROI of the program additionally reducing the employee turnover, which means fewer online onboarding training sessions.
As technology develops, so does the interactive eLearning skills.
Eliminating the need for instructors to repeat directions over and over to different employees advances employee efficiency. Break the barriers of space, cost, and time with interactive eLearning tools like “How to” videos, which are growing as a favorite and in demand interactive e-Learning tool, they have the potential to replace the one-on-one coaching at a minimal cost. In today’s scenario, training needs to be delivered to employees to suit their schedules in diverse time zones. They are looking for multiplatform-friendly online training which is accessible anywhere, anytime at their fingertips and mobile devices extend a high level of adaptability in terms of where and when training can be accomplished. Interactivity in eLearning can be based on the organization’s particular experiences and challenges in which existing functionaries can assist to structure such experiences and create realistic scenarios, mirroring the type of situation they’ll relate regularly at the workplace.

Also, there are Digital Adoption Platforms (DAP) which work by sending contextual, automated navigational prompts to guide usagers through any task on any software platform or app, eliminating the need to pull them away from their work to complete training sessions by providing personalized support at the moment of demand.

Salesforce Training & Performance made easy with MyGuide

Salesforce Training & Performance made easy with MyGuide

Salesforce is the world’s most widely used suite of cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) software. Leading Sales reps often prefer Salesforce for macro-level real-time sales operations.

Automation is replacing the repeated manual tasks to streamline the workflow. It lets the user skip unnecessary steps required to complete the process by automating the standard internal procedures resulting in improved work efficiency and minimal human intervention. Enterprises are adopting a variety of automated controls to help them reduce the efforts and errors to carry out elementary tasks.
To automate business processes in Salesforce’s inner workings is a difficult task because very deep technical knowledge and high level programming skills are required for it. However, with MyGuide, it’s possible to automate even complex workflows in Salesforce in just a few minutes.
MyGuide brings the EdCast experience inside Salesforce through in-app guidance, in-app intelligence, and in-app automation. With SalesU, users can find meaningful insights for each opportunity right within your Salesforce instance through the configuration of internal content or external content that is specific to your organization. Users get access to internal sales and marketing documents, expert videos, articles, guided walkthroughs, and micro-courses all within a simple knowledge feed.

Access valuable in-app guides inside Salesforce Classic, Lightning and Salesforce mobile app via walkthroughs, videos, PDF, PPT and more.

Users can also onboard new users of the application and perform their tasks effectively, without increasing your Salesforce support costs. Minimize the hours of profitless discussions over how to get work done with a more secure MyGuide which costs less than the competition. They can practice the pitch created via MyGuide multiple times, and it is even smart enough to give feedback on the delivery.

“Organizations spend a lot of money on software, but they are often uncertain of the comparable usage and ROI they are receiving from their applications”, says Kalpit Jain, Vice President and General Manager of EdCast’s MyGuide. It is the fastest and most secure in-app training solution used to create personalized training for Lightning or Classic platform in 30+ languages and is Salesforce certified.

Easily create and customize in-app guides, walkthroughs, videos and more to accelerate the migration to Lightning and revenue ramp for your team. MyGuide is a robust coaching tool to boost sales performance and provide sales mentoring to perform validation of your Salesforce implementation and integration.

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